Monday, 21 April 2008

Scrappy Thoughts

When I first saw this card (scroll down to the bottom of the post to see it) over on Amy Westerman's blog Heartfelt Greetings, I thought to myself what a great way to use up my scraps this would be.

I gathered them together and was very happy with the way they all complimented each other.

Whilst hunting around in a drawer for further inspiration, I found these two flowers that had been left overs from a kit of Lisa Bearnson that I had bought from QVC.

I added some glitter to the petals and to the brads in the middle. I attached the sentiment plate to the card using dimensional's having inked it first using yellow and then orange inks. Whilst applying the pink glitter to the brads in the middle of the flowers, it occurred to me that the TINIEST amount of pink glitter added to the edge of the sentiment plate OVER the yellow/orange inks would add just the nicest sparkle to the edges. So that's what I did.

Note to self, try and come up with these ideas BEFORE you've already stuck it to the card, otherwise it's very fiddly trying to get the glitter on the edge of the plate and not the backing paper LOL!! You'll note also that if I had thought about it, I would have moved the top right hand corner flower up a bit, because no matter which way you turn it, it obscures the sentiment at the end!! (If I was a professional I would think of these things you see...)

All in all - a card that started out as a way to used up scraps, and has ended up being one of the most favourite cards I've made. I just won't be able to duplicate it due to not having any more flowers!! Oh well, at least I have the photo to drool over. I swear, sometimes I just make a card I like so much I wish I could keep it and frame it to satisfy my need to have all things sparkly around me at all times!! I hope the recipient of the card likes it as much as I loved making it.

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