Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Busy at the weekend

I have been very busy at the weekend making cards.. I bought a TSV from QVC a couple of months back that was by MSE (My Sentiments Exactly). It came in a lovely pink box which now has some of my 6x6 pads in it. The cards themselves are easy to put together and come with everything you need, but it took me forever to print off the inserts and find nice sentiments to go on the insides. Anyway mission accomplished. I only hope no-one asks me for more of the same as unless I buy another box set I can't duplicate any of the cards - the only drawback with these card kits I have found - and whilst I would love to buy the kit time after time after time (I love the boxes!!) it costs more to ship it here than the product does.. Ho hum.

On the other hand, I pinched yet another card layout from Liz Armstrong over at Pink Petticoat (I just can't get enough of her designs at the moment) to make a couple of thank you cards.

I also made a wedding card which was using a page layout. I am so glad I found the Card positioning sites as they make inspiration a little easier. As long as you have co-ordinating paper you have a head start. i will be using the layouts a lot more now that I have discovered them. I am so much more inspired to carry on with my card making after checking everyone's blogs, and although I can't lay my hands on the cards and paper as easily as everyone else out there, it hasn't put me off trying, just using different materials is a challenge. I would love to take part in the various challenges around, but can't get any of the materials necessary, so I will have to just keep checking in on you all to see what you come up with, until I have got a little more stuff together..

I love checking in on the blogs to see all the ideas - I feel like I'm checking in with friends - and everyone has been so supportive - thanks.

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lola rose said...

These are SO pretty : )