Monday, 3 September 2007

Someone please HELP me!!

I know there are LOTS of talented peeps out there - so I'm sending out my S.O.S.

Can someone pu-leeze tell me (or show me even better!!) how to tie ribbon. Explain it as though you were showing a child of five... (someone fetch me a child of five - if you don't get it, forget it - you're too young!!).

Mine always looks like someone has been chewing on it before it went on the card. I just can't seem to get it good!

And as if that wasn't enough, am I the only person blogging with rubbish photos..? I have a decent enough camera, I have a tripod, I've hit the macro (tulip) button and still my photos look awful. You must all be doing something secret, 'cos I can't figure it out..

It's obviously not enough to just snap and post. Everyone else's photos look like they have just come out of a professional photo studio - layouts, lights, angles.. Isn't there a tutorial on this sort of stuff..?

Gosh, I never realised it was so difficult... so if anyone can help, please drop me a comment I would seriously LOVE to hear from you!

Thanks for dropping by!


Totty Teabag said...

To make a bow to stick on a card? Or to tie a bow on a card? For the first...take a lump of wood. Hammer in two oval nails the distance apart you want your bow to be wide..
Loop the ribbon around the two nails and cross them in front. Take the end of the ribbon that is on top, and push it under ALL the ribbon, and out the back. Bring it up and over ALL the ribbon, make sure it is in the centre, then tie a simple overhand knot. Slip off the nails and tweak it a bit. I have a lump of wood with nails at various distances for different sizes of bow. For tying ribbon on the card, I usually use the "bunny ears" method, but try to avoid that if at all possible.
Come and visit some time, i'm on the mainland!

Allison said...

Hi Abi...

If you look through these different posts, you will find various bow and ribbon tying tips (some are video tutorials too!).

Beth said...

HI! I actually have a link on my blog

to a toot which Valerie Stangle did on how to tie ribbon.

It has a video! Good luck!

Dana said...

here's a video for a BOW, on a blog:

and here's one for a ribbon knot:

And here's a link on a "faux bow" that I like to use:

and here's another discussion on tying bows and knots:

Hope these help!

Deb said...

Hi Abi

I found this a couple of days ago and found it very useful for presentation of photographs.