Monday, 7 April 2008

Out of this World

This is a card I made using not image stamps, as some of you might think, but fonts.

This particular one is by David Walker and if you print it out large enough they make great images. The benefit of fonts is that (obviously) you can resize them to suit your needs, and unlike images, they do not distort on making them bigger, so can be adapted for any card size.

I surrounded the space ship with dabs of blue glitter that (in hindsight) probably wasn't the best plan of action, but once that stuff is on, it's on! In order to counterbalance the dollops of blue glitter, I added lime green glitter to the space ship itself which I think made it look fab! I wish someone had given me a card like this when I was growing up - I would have framed it! To coin a Jan Tink phrase YILM!! (Yes I Love Myself).

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Kalila said...

I love how great you make your images look.
Like little water colors!!!