Monday, 24 August 2009

On a roll...

Well as you may know, I am not exactly the world's best blogger, but I try to do my bit...!

Thanks to my blogging idol (sorry but she just IS).. Michelle Wooderson, aka Mish Mash, whilst I have been on holiday this week I have been able to 'mass produce'...

My mojo seems to leave me for longer than it stays these days, and so to be able to get into a craft space and actually produce anything was wonderful.  To see the fruits of about four days solid of crafting was great to say the least.

I followed all her instructions about producing 'en masse' and it all worked wonderfully!

I also realised a couple of things.

1) I have to actually USE my stash in order to get any results..
2) I have to be bolder and not afraid to use big bright dp for my backgrounds.  In the past I have 'oo-ed' and 'ah-ed' over all my dp's (mostly thinking how I would love to wallpaper my house in them !), but alway held back from actually using them, as I didn't think they would 'go' with anything.  Now after reading blogs on a daily basis, I feel confident enough to pick some stunning paper and actually USE it on a card.  Big step for me (sounds obvious to all you professionals out there, I know, but sometimes these things can be scary!!)
3) Thank God for my Cuttlebug, I just LOVE it to pieces, it makes everything so much easier..
4) As long as I have some nice background paper, I can keep my layouts simple.
5) I don't have to use HUNDREDS of layouts, I can use a few that I like and just mix up the dp and image (again pretty obvious, but something that definately held me back from creating)...

So with this new found confidence and my 'mass production' skills, I will have lots of cards to show you..

Thanks for stopping by..

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Totty Teabag said...

Pictures, please, Mrs!!!