Sunday, 19 October 2008

Missing in Action

Good job I only blog, for my own personal joy, otherwise I would never get anywhere with how sporadic I am with posts. Let's just say, I don't get the time to craft that I would like!

I finally found time to sit down at my PC and found a load of cards that I hadn't posted before, so I will sift through them all and post them. I tried to mass produce to see if I could colour cut and mount in quantity, so alot of the following cards, have the same layouts, just different images. It was also a lesson in trying to hone my colouring skills, and I realise that in order to get better you have to practice, so although these aren't what I hope to achieve, they are better than when I started a year or so ago, and my aim is to improve and try different mediums. I would like to try my hand at Prismacolour pencils, if I can find somewhere in Europe to buy them and ship them here (any ideas anyone?)..

Anyhoo, if anyone actually does read this blog anymore - thanks for persevering with me!

Thanks for stopping by..


Jo said...

I'm here Abi! Come on then let's see these beautiful creations of yours. :)

Totty Teabag said...

I have you in my Reader Abi, so I always know when you are posting! I can't find anywhere in Spain that stocks Prismacolours...not that I could afford them even if there were! I have booked to come to Tenerife in February on an Imserso Subsidised Spanish Pensioners Special. Are there any craft shops in Puerto de la Cruz do you know?

paula said...

Hello Abi, Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, glad you found me! I gotta ask, where excatly are you living? Is it Spain? I think your coloring is awesome by the way! These images of the undies are just too cute! I have been a little sporadic these past two weeks, the downfall of reading a book! lol Thanks!