Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Acetate Shoe

This is a very simple card. The image is printed once on card and then again on acetate. By making the card image slightly narrower, when you overlay the acetate image on top, it bows to make a 3D image effect.

Looks stunning IRL!!
I have tried to take a photo of the detail at an angle where you can see what I am trying to say.

Trust me, it looks great!

Thanks for stopping by..


Ed said...

Oooo I love this technique - will have to try it because it looks fabulous !! Yove your ideas too, have just spent a nice few moments looking through some of your work.

LindaH said...

Hi Abi...my friend Paula (Paper Possibilities) told me to check you out! I LOVE this technique and will have to try it out. Looks so easy but what a great idea.